Run toward God

    What a wonderful and warm day we gather to worship the Lord. We woke up this morning with intentions on coming together to praise Him. But do you ever find yourself running away from God and His plans for you? The story of Jonah and the whale is a familiar one where we see one of God's men trying to do what he wanted, and not what God had in store for him. But in this story, God used just one man in such a great way to minister to a whole nation. This just goes to show that God can use us in ways we can't think of. 

    We all have our circles of influence and God wants to use our Christian influence to turn lives to Him. God makes much of preaching, but also a proclamation of Him. We have so much more in our hands now than Jonah ever did. We can take our bibles and scriptures everywhere to proclaim God's word. We can share the simple truth that God loves us and Jesus died for us. As Christians we have to also get right with God ourselves and have a burden in our hearts to put ourselves at God's disposal. We can get on board and fully commit to what God wants. 

    So let's put ourselves at God's disposal and don't remove God from the equation. God sometimes will send a storm, but we can be better for it. We can get comfortable and do what we want and when God wants us, we go in the other direction. Realize when God is speaking, there is no other way than His. There can be so much joy and pleasure knowing we are where God wants us to be, so let's not run in the opposite direction! 

"Arise, go unto Nineveh, that great city, and preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee." Jonah 3:2