The Truth Shall Make You Free

    Happy Memorial Day weekend from the Fairview Baptist Church. This morning we honor our members who have served in the military. The freedom to worship our Lord Jesus is one we hold dear. God bless America! 

    Truth. All truths are found in the Bible. When the world is in a state of change and lost in the wilderness, we can hold on to only the truth found in God's word. The Bible is a revelation. We can search the world for truth, but we will never find it. Don't look to the world to find the definition of truth. Love, beauty, success, happiness or even finances can not be defined by the worlds view.  When we are searching for the truth on any topic at any time, the Bible is where we need to search. 

    We have received the truth. The fact that we can all hold a bible in our hands today, we can let that trust dictate and dominate our lives. The bible is the only truth in the universe. As Christians, we are also guardians of the truth. We must not get so far away from the genuine truth that is God's word. We must also be responsible for the truth we have in our hands. 

    So that leads to the most important truth of all. We're all going to live some place forever. Where? The truth of the Bible tells us there are only two places to spend eternity, heaven or hell. But when we are saved and Christ is in our hearts, the truth is, we will spend eternity with Him. 

    Our God is a powerful God and one day, judgement is coming. We are all sinners and none of us can rise to God's standards, but through Christ Jesus, we are redeemed. Christ died for our sins and payed the eternal debt that man couldn't pay. But one day those who are saved will be called together to meet Him. To spend eternity with our Lord Jesus Christ forever and ever. And that is the truth. 

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32