Behold I Come Quickly

    As believers, every day we should be looking forward to the second coming of Christ. But along with His coming back, He will also be giving His rewards. Throughout the Bible we are promised of the blessings we will receive as believers. We should use these blessings as a filtration in our every day work and keep these sayings of the prophecies of the Bible. For one day, we will be receiving the rewards as bible believers.

    Salvation is by grace and grace alone. God gives this opportunity to the world and He will reward us for that. But sometimes we can be saved and suffer great losses. Our lifestyles do not indicate our salvation, therefore, we will suffer the loss of the Lords rewards. We can be saved, but become an outcast, but when we are saved by the grace of God, we certainly have God's approval. So, when Christ comes back to give His rewards, some believers may not receive the rewards that could have been given. 

    Our salvation is holy of God and we have no part, except making the decision to come to the Savior. Salvation isn't earned by works but by His mercy and there is only one way to heaven: Jesus Christ.  There is no middle ground on this. Salvation is received by faith, not works. We always have our salvation, not hope for it. Salvation is a simple matter even to a child or an adult. So there is no need to complicate it as the world does. 

    So our rewards from God are earned by our good and faithful works after we are saved. After we are saved, we must do the things that God tells us in His word and He will reward us for that. We may not understand just how the Lord will do this, but the Bible says that rewards will be given to the believers who have earned them. We will not be judged for our salvation, but rewarded for the works we've done after we accept Christ as our personal Savior. 

    Salvation is always a present blessing. From now or a thousand years from now. Our sins are forgiven in salvation and rewards are our future blessings, compensation and earned. Salvation is by faith, never lost, inspires and encourages in suffering. Rewards for our works could be lost. We should be inspired to earn our rewards, and won't we wish we had done more and been more obedient? 

    We shouldn't treat the rewards the Lord will give out lightly. We can sometimes get to a point where we want the temporary things of this world, and relinquish the rewards that will be eternal. There are hours of opportunities we will waste and not worked for the Lord. But know that one day, He is coming back. One day, rewards will be given. A few simple questions to consider: Are you saved? What are you doing in your life to glorify Him? Every person needs to be serving. So give yourself to Him.

 "And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be." Revelation 22:12