A Mighty Man

    Happy Fathers Day from Fairview! What a wonderful morning to worship the Lord and celebrate all the dad's. the Bible is full of mighty men for God but it doesn't end there. There can be mighty men for Christ in the world today. 

    Man was made in the image of God and the likeness of our Savior. Men can take a stand in the world for Christ and help lead the lost to the Savior. As dad's we will leave an imprint on our children forever. We want to leave an imprint of responsibility, as a provider, a prayer warrior and always show leadership according to God's word. 

    Men can be physical and not mind standing out or being the center of attention. We can get out in front and be a leader and stand for Christ. We can also be committed. Committed to God and be leaders of the family. This doesn't mean we won't be alone at times. What is times get hard or people don't understand? Don't just back away. It's so easy to be a Christian on Sunday mornings with others, but what about when we are by ourselves and in our homes? Always take a mighty stand for Christ,

    When you do take that stand, you will certainly be in good company. When we are around great teachers and mentors who believe what the word of God has to say and that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, we are in good company. It's a simple plan to live for Christ and obey His word. We shouldn't quit taking a stand for Christ. Doing what is expected and average is rarely going to affect anyone. It takes more and we shouldn't be satisfied with just the average. Victory in life does not come from just being average. 

    As fathers and men we will have a great influence on the lives and hearts of others. So let's do more than what is expected, more that what is just average. Lets stand for Christ and have others want to be in our presence. Raise up and be mighty men for God! 

"But he stood in the midst of the ground, and defended it, and slew the Philistines: and the Lord wrought a great victory." II Samuel 23:12