Affecting the World

    Do you know that Jesus has control over everything? He was able to calm the storms, raise the dead, healed many from their diseases, even blindness and deafness. As Christians, we should hope to have such an affect on the world and the world to see our Lord Jesus in all we do. 

    Salvation can't be explained through logic by the world. The medical field has no way or part in explaining the lives of a christian. So in part, the world has no place in the lives of a christian. As Christians, we should be in opposition to all the world stands for. We are not comfortable enjoying the things of this world, but looking forward to what is not in this world; spending an eternity with our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

    As children of God, we are different. Although we are not a part of this world, the world is always affected by Christians, For what is a believer left in this world for after salvation? As born again believers, we are to stand and be the salt and light for Jesus. We can stand for Christ and make the world better. A child of God can affect the world and help the world to seek Christ. Our lives are to be the light and that light comes from Christ So let the world see that light and introduce others to our savior. 

    Christians can always draw a response. Let someone feel better when you're around. Be so Christ-like when others see you, they automatically think about Jesus. As a believer, you are a mystery to the world. A Christian is a person who has a settled and obedient mind and the world and the unsaved are scared. For they know we have what they need. 

    So ask yourself this, "Is the world different because of me?" Have an affect on the world through Jesus and make the world different because of it! 

"Return to thine own house and shew how great things God hath done unto thee, ...." Luke 8:39