The Unknown God

    Many can say that they know God, but do we really? The world will often take Jesus and put him on a shelf with many other gods. We can be involved in church and many other activities but not really know God. If we aren't careful we will become a nation of Christians who do not know God. We can have a knowledge of God and still not know who He is. Do you realize that the devil has an intellectual knowledge of God and even knew Jesus? Yes we may know God, but only in our minds. 

    God is the one who created everything. Things didn't evolve, God created them. He created all and we must realize we are responsible to Him. We are serving a God that created us. God is also all powerful and we are the benefactors of the power of God. We think we know so much by the things we think we've created, but we've only done these things by God's grace. We simply don't know just how powerful God is. There is no comparison to what we can do by what God does achieve. With His power and wisdom, He can wipe everything off the face of this world. We think we are breathing on our own, but our very breath is controlled by God. In Him we move and have being. 

    God didn't just create and sustain everything, He determines everything. God is sovereign and there in no one telling Him what to do. Our God is also a God of mercy. When we are in the darkness, do we feel after Him and find Him?  We have the opportunity to make a decision and the opportunity to receive the truth. Some may mock or delay the decision and think everything is just going to be okay in life. But one day God is going to judge us. We must not hesitate in His will. 

    To not make a decision is to make a decision. We have no idea how the gospel is going to impact the lives of people. The unknown God is very knowable. He is seeking you out even if you are not seeking Him.  Only through Christ and the resurrection can we really know God. Through Jesus Christ our lives can be forever changed, our sins forgiven and all things are new! 

"For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you." Acts 17:23