Sunday, October 1, 2017

    On one occasion Jesus said to His disciples, "Let us go apart into a desert place and rest awhile." When I think of our Lord, I think of quiet strength. I cannot picture Jesus hurried, anxious, or bothered. I don't think of Him unraveling at the seams or frayed around the edges.

    We are told that in major storms there is a center called the eye. All around this haven of quietness is danger, turmoil, and violence, yet in this pleasant place there is tranquility beyond understanding.

    Life for a Christina is a paradox. We have the world, the flesh, and all the powers of Satan's kingdom bombarding us daily from every angle. In the very midst of this eternal struggle, Jesus provides a place of rest. This rest is a wonderful fringe benefit of life in Christ. The disciples didn't have time to eat or sleep and the people pressed on them constantly with problem after problem. Jesus' answer was to come apart with Him to rest awhile.

    The older I grow in the Lord, the more I value resting places. We all need to rest our bodies but also our souls. Jesus talked of finding rest even when we wear His yoke of labor. The need of soul rest is apparent for every believer who has a ministry and takes it as a high priority. The soul is made up of intellect, emotion, and volition or will and is the part of man that interconnects him as an earthly being to the celestial or heavenly world. Understanding this principle of rest comes only after we recognize our weakness and His strength, our stewardship and His ownership. This work is not ours but His.

    Do not misunderstand this desert place rest. It is not a cessation of activity. I have known of families taking vacations, which left tired, confused, and discouraged and came back the same way or worse. For the believer, the key to quieteness in the eye of the strom is the assurance that Chirst is with you. When we are in the very center of His will for our lives, nothing in the strom aroud us can bother us as long as we stay in the place of safety and rest.