Sunday, October 15, 2017

    The month of October is Missions Month. We all need to be reminded of our Lord's commission to His Church. We are to evangelize our generation. The plan is simple. We must begin where we are. Our Jerusalem is the first order of business. This means to be actively involved in getting the gospel to our families, our friends, our co-workers, our neighbors, and others who are within our immediate frame of reference.

    Certainly our emphasis should be on reaching our Jerusalem. Many have invited guests to the services. Do not stop there. Write letters, send notes, make phone calls, visit homes, invite others to your home, and pass out tracts and literature to those in your area.

     Paul had a heavy burden for his nation Israel. He was so consumed with getting his fellow countrymen saved that he actually volunteered before God to give up his own place in Heaven if it would mean the Jews had opportunity to be saved. Moses pled the same cause. He begged God to blot his name from the Book rather than to destroy the people of Israel.

     How big is your burden? When you see your relatives, do you pray for them and witness to them? Often the most difficult people for us to share our faith with are those we know the best. After all, they know all about us. Because of our immediate love for those close to us, we should go to them first and never give up until we are sure they are secure in Christ,

     Missionary service is not just an activity performed in far away places. We are all missionaries and we all have a Jerusalem that needs our Savior. Make a list of those in your Jerusalem and begin today to reach them for Christ.