Sunday, October 8, 2017

    The words of Christ in John 4 are, "Lift up your eyes and look on the fields for they are white unto harvest." The theme of this year's missions'  conference is, His Plan - Our Purpose. We must have a vision of the world. Think of the possibilities afforded this generation with our ability to travel, communicate, and be knowledgeable in our total world. Couple these advances with resources now available and the opportunities are staggering.

    We are in for a treat with visiting missionary candidates and guests. The activities of this month will give all present an international burden.

    Our church is so blessed! Never take for granted or call ordinary the extra ordinary opportunities we enjoy here on a continual basis. Prepare your hearts for mission's conference by praying for each guest missionary family. Ask our Lord what part He would have you to play in Faith Promise giving. I pray that you will start today. If it is your custom to give to Faith Promise, please pray about increasing your weekly amount.

    The time is short and the hour is late. It is imperative that these precious people who give their lives to reach the world for Christ should have resources to help them get the job done. If God has not called you to go past your Jerusalem, give sacrificially so that other who are called may go. These are great days of opportunity. The Lord has raised up this church and its membership to be directly involved in the harvest.