Sunday, November 12, 2017

    There is a massive difference between giving and investing. The Bible teaches plainly that those things given to the Lord's work are a pure investment that pays temporal and eternal dividends. The  principle is that God is debtor to no man. The ironical part of the entire matter of giving is that we actually have nothing that we have personal ownership over to give. Our God, who owns everything, lets us use His possessions and then rewards us when we invest part of that back to Him.

    Investing in God's work has many areas of dividends. Our money, our time, our abilities, and our energies benefit as an investment in at least five ways:

  • An investment in God's work strengthens that work.
  • An investment in God's work accrues rewards for the person giving.
  • An investment in God's work always impacts other and is a pure investment in people.
  • An investment in God's work continues throughout successive generations and is long-term in impact.
  • An investment in God's work serves as a testimony to an unsaved world of God's care for His people.

    The next time you write your tithe check or give toward missions or to the building fund, stop and recognize that you are actually involved in a lucrative (one-hundred fold) investment program that has short-term and long-range dividends. Frankly, an investment in God's work beats any 401K and is more likely than any bank or broker to follow through on the provided agreement.

    Couple the above truth with the sheer joy of giving because God has given so much to us, equals an unbeatable combination! No wonder God refers to believers who have learned these truths as cheerful or hilarious givers.