Sunday, December 10, 2017

    As we enter the Christmas season, I want to encourage our church families to have a Christ-centered Christmas. We are all aware of the efforts of the world to commercialize and secularize these days. Each year it seems the stores begin their Christmas advertisements earlier than the year before. The Christ-child receives no notice while the emphasis is on Santa Claus, elves, decorations, and gifts.

    Some have simply said that any efforts to celebrate this day is pagan. Therefore, it is not appropriate for a believer to take any part. I am grieved at Satan's advances but refuse to turn this precious time over to him. There should be a time for God's people to celebrate the great happenings of our faith. The incarnation at Christmas and the resurrection at Easter are the two events that compromise  the base of Christianity. It is no wonder Satan has sought to muddle these great Christian times.

    As believers, remember the true meaning of Christmas. I recommend all believers memorize Luke 2:1-20 and recite it often during December. Pay close attention to scriptures related to the incarnation, the Virgin Birth, and Old Testament prophecies concerning the Messiah. Let the words of the great old Christmas carols fill your heart with worship and praise. Enjoy giving to others, to the church, and to the work of Christ. Be an encouragement to someone less fortunate. Purpose in your heart to share the greatest gift, the gospel of Christ with lost friends and relatives.

    As December 25 draws near, may we use this time to pay homage and praise to our Savior as the wise men did so many years ago. From your pastor and family, may we wish you a very, merry Christ-centered Christmas!