Sunday , December 17, 2017

    There would not have been angelic announcements to Judean shepherds nor major pilgrimages seeking, "He who is born King of the Jews.". All prophesies of the sages past would fall unfulfilled in the dust of time. The world would never hear of the star, the manger, or of swaddling bands. The stable would be empty--but also the throne, the cross and men's hearts, if He had not come.

    All instruments would be muted and every pulpit silenced, classrooms would be empty, altars broken, and all church buildings darkened.

    What would it be like if you can imagine, if there were not majestic music or authors' manuscripts, or poets' sonnets or canvas brought alive by artists' hands all in honor and praise of Him? There would be...

No gifts without the greatest Gift.

No light without the Light of the world.

Souls would go hungry without the Living Bread

No foundation without the Chief Cornerstone

No healing without the Great Physician.

No education without the Master Teacher

No justice without the Righteous Judge, and

No wisdom without the Living Truth.

    If the Babe had not been born, the priceless elements that give meaning to life would be missing. Without Him where would any of us find joy or peace or love or forgiveness?

    We would all still be in our sins, our faith would be in vain, death would be the conqueror, and all hope would be swallowed up in the grave...if He had not come.