Sunday, December 3, 2017

    The Christmas season has arrived. You can feel the excitement in the air. Christmas carols can be heard from the radio and in the stores. Everyone seems to be preparing for the great event of Christmas day. Decorations have been put up. Lights are everywhere and presents are wrapped and on display waiting for Christmas day.

    All of the above activities give to us a warm feeing of holiday cheer. The nostalgia of thoughts of past years and the desire to see the glow on children's faces as they open their presents makes us anticipate this time of the year.

    As you pastor, I caution you, yes, even warn you each year at this time, to keep a clear prerspective of what is happening as well as the true meaning of Christmas. Here again are some practical hints to help you enjoy the time and profit for eternity.

    Keep Christ first in your life. Read your Bible, attend church faithfully, and be consistent in your witnessing and deveotional life. Honor God with your stewardship. Many people are indebted year round due to their lack of financial disciplines and some even take money that should be used for God's work and use it for Christmas. Solve this by giving a special Christmas offering to missions during this Christmas season. Don't get too busy until the delights of Christ are turned into drudgery. Shopping, decorating, and a generally hectic schedule can cause an overall weariness.

    Last and most importnat, use this time for the things that really matter such as ministering to others, deepening your spiritual commitments, worshiping our Savior, and establishing eternal priorities. Remember that He is the reason for the season.