Sunday, December 31, 2017

     Today marks the last Sunday of 2017. the next time we gather on the Lord's Day, we will usher in a brand new year. this year has been busy and packed with good things. Our missionary family was increased by four new missionaries bringing our total to ninety-two. Souls were saved, converts were baptized and the Lord added precious families to our membership.

     The theme for 2018 is "Continue." Each month will emphasize continuing in the things we have learned (II Timothy 3:14). As your pastor, I assure you that we will stay with the basics. Bible study, prayer, worship, giving, soul winning and faithfulness to ministry will head the list. The coming year will be filled with opportunities for each member of our church family. There will be burdens as well as blessings. When all are mixed in God's will, they will bring glory to Him and good to us.

     Words cannot convey my gratitude for the care and provision given to each of us individually and to our church corporately in 2017. We have much for which to be thankful. Our church family is rich in so many ways. We enjoy each other and the work of the ministry. When people are absorbed in others instead of self, double joy exists. The days of 2017 have slipped away but the memories remain, as do the rewards of principle-driven decisions. 

     As your pastor, let me express my sincere appreciation to every member for your tireless efforts, your selfless service and your loving care to the ministry our God has given you. I look forward to the coming year with anticipation and eagerness to serve our Savior. The great enjoyment of working with you and enjoying you as friends and co-laborers us rivaled only by the enjoyment of working for the Lord and enjoying Him.

     Remember in 2018 to continue serving the Savior!