Sunday, March 26, 2017

    The advent of spring is all about us. Flowers blooming, trees leafing out and warmer days all promise a new beginning. These wonderful sings of nature remind me that life is a series of new beginnings. Often we grow cold and unresponsive to the spiritual life our Lord has for us. We lose the joy and beauty of our testimony. Spiritual vibrancy and signs of life are distant memories. Yet, just as the sunshine of spring seems to return the earth to productivity and beauty, so the Son of God can awaken our cold hearts and give true spiritual meaning to our lives.

    We all need a periodic resurrection. The death of winter gives rise to the life of spring. This is a great time to shake off the bitter cold of our lives and replace it with new life in Christ. Here are a few suggestions that may help.

  • Start a new Bible study or reading schedule.
  • Commit to a new start in church attendance.
  • Ask God for a new burden for souls.
  • Select a new project or ministry.
  • Make an effort to meet and help a new family.
  • Give yourself a new goal for giving.
  • Take a new approach to time management.
  • Develop new ways to use your home to encourage others.
  • Plant some new seeds of kindness in someone who is discouraged.
  • Learn a new chorus.
  • Read a new book with a Christian emphasis.
  • Cast off an old, bad habit and replace it with a new activity.

    The above suggestions can be added to or altered, but the idea of starting new is essential to all of us. If we all spent a bit of time thinking "spring" in our souls, it would be amazing how beautiful and productive our church would become.