Sunday, April 16, 2017

    My earliest memories of Easter includes new spring outfits, ladies' broad-rimmed hats, attending church and Sunday school, and the feeling that in some way this day contained some kind of special ingredient that made it different from all the rest of the days of the year. It was only after I was saved and began to realize what God had done for me though Christ, that I understood the real meaning of this day we call Easter. On this special day we bow in gratitude and admiration at the feet of our risen Savior.

    Easter Sunday is really resurrection Sunday. Like most of the precious things of our spiritual life, the devil has perverted Easter from a holy day to a day of diversion. Satan is too smart to attempt to discredit the resurrection on a large scale. His tactic is to substitute appealing, fleshly things in place of spiritual truth. So while the core of dedicated, born-again believers observe the empty tomb, Satan will have the majority of the world's religion bowing to nature, materialism, secular traditions, and meaningless ceremonies.

    The resurrection is the cornerstone of all our belief and the foundation of our salvation. Today as we sing songs of the resurrection, hear the teaching of the empty tomb, and listen  to messages concerning our living Savior... we should rejoice in the fact that... He lives!