Sunday, April 23, 2017

    In April we think of showers of blessings. Let me encourage you to be a blessing to someone today. That is not a hard request, as we should be constantly looking for ways to lift others and help meet needs. Never forget those who have helped you along life's road. Be grateful and appreciative for helping hands and concerned hearts.

    The song, "Count Your Blessing" is extra special advice for all of us. Those who are discouraged and downcast would do well to begin this practice. Often we allow a very small inconvenience to rob us of joy by majoring on one bitter morsel in the midst of a banquet. This side of heaven we will never achieve perfection in any way; yet there is much for which we can rejoice. The old adage regarding your glass being half-full or half-empty certainly applies.

    Having stated the above, let's encourage one another to look to Christ and realize the heavenly blessings that are ours. Look within and feel the satisfaction of a redeemed soul and look around to see the bounty of blessings brought from the lives of others.

    As we pillow our heads this night, may our day have been filled with efforts to bring a measure of joy and encouragement into the lives of others. Remember, giving carries more blessing than receiving since it is the person who gives who gets to enjoy being a blessing to others. It is exciting to receive blessings, but it is a great deal more exciting to be a blessing. Look about you today and bring joy to someone. You will be glad you did.