Sunday, April 30, 2017

    In the preceding five months, our Lord added five new families to the Fairview Baptist Church family. There were scores of varied spiritual decisions with many for salvation. I am praying that the year 2017 will yield a great harvest of souls and that many will come to join our fellowship. Many decisions for Christ will be made during this year's summer camp at Camp Fairview.

    Will you enter into prayer with me that our God will do even more wondrous works this year? Thousands of our church tracts each containing a gospel message, will be distributed. There are homes that have not received literature from our church.

    My point today is that there is much to be done for our Savior and everyone can have a part. No one is excluded from being a part of the Great Commission. Our God has given a unique opportunity to all of us to take His gospel to those all around us. Anyone can, and everyone should, invite visitors to the regular services, and share a gospel witness with them.

    When we see people saved, baptized, and discipled for the Savior in the year 2017, it will be because some have prayed, given, witness, and been tearfully concerned over the souls of others. You need not complete an application or request permission to qualify for this grand endeavor. If you are saved, you are already commissioned to "go into the highways and headges and compel them to come in." Start today!