Sunday, May 28, 2017

    Summer is here! School bells are silent. Books have been turned in, and classrooms are empty. Young people have plans for swimming pools, cookouts, and summer camps. Dads and moms are making plans for much needed vacations.

    As your pastor, I try to alert you to some of the pitfalls of this season of the year. Again, let me put up some caution signs as you enter the summer months.

    Keep your priorities straight. Bible study, church attendance, and prayer times do not take vacations. Be faithful to your commitments. Times for soul winning, lesson preparations, work nights, and special church services are all part of a twelve-month lifestyle and should not be abandoned in the summer.

    Keep your standards according to the scriptures. Do not set aside Biblical standards of modesty in the summer. Activities, entertainment, clothing, and overall lifestyle must honor Christ 365 days a year.

    Do not forget your stewardship of possessions, finances and time. It is easy to break the budget through extravagant summer spending. Traditionally, church offerings go down in the summer because God's people use the tithes and offerings to finance summer activities.

     Reach others for Christ this summer. Take your Bible and gospel tracts with you on vacation. Resist the urge to drive through Sunday services. Plan your trip around your church attendance. Be a witness to neighbors, co-workers, and friends that you do not often see during the rest of the year. Maintain your testimony.

    Adopt a summer project. Helping at camp, assisting with the bus ministry, or a Sunday School class could provide a rewarding summer with eternal dividends. The summer is filled with opportunities. Invest for eternity.