Sunday, May 7, 2017

    It seems like I have always worked with teens. The first Sunday School class I taught was teen boys. I served as superintendent of the teen department at Mountain Terrace Baptist in Memphis and directed the teen work in my first two pastorates. When I came to Fairview, the teens occupied a large portion of my time even after we called Brother Toby Weaver as our youth director.

    Today we honor our teens. Brother Matt Herrell is responsible for the teen department and has a big heart for these young people. Over these years many of our young people have stayed true to Christ and serve Him even in their adult lives.

    Whenever I think of our teens, I am encouraged because of the limitless possibilities, boundless energy, and optimistic outlook. In thinking of our teens, we adults should remember our teen years and the transition our young people are going through.

    I am very proud of our young people and love to be around them. I am quick to take their side and give them a second chance. I look forward with joy to our Lord using them in His service. We have a youth group that witnesses for Christ, attends the services faithfully, and loves Jesus. It is right to honor our teens today and to pray for each of them as they grow in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.