Sunday, June 18, 2017

    Today is Father's Day! One of the great joys of the ministry is to see men come to Christ, live for Him, and direct their families in the will of God. The men of our church should provide leadership and strength to this ministry. I thank God for all of our men who take their rightful place at home and at the church for our Savior.

    The life of David was a remarkable account of mighty men who surrounded this great king. These men went to battle with their king. They protected him and often placed their lives in jeopardy in doing so. When David was in trouble, they surrounded him and remained loyal to him through trials. When David was forced to flee Jerusalem, scriptures simply state that his mighty men were at this right hand and his left.

    Our men play many important roles in our church. They are providers for their households. Then men who work long hours to assure their families the necessities of life are to be commended.

    Our men also serve in the role of protectors of their homes and families. This means more than chasing off burglars and intruders. Our families are under attack from Satan. Our men are to live for Christ and lead their families to do so in order that Satan does not gain an advantage.

    Last and most important, our men are priests in the home. Personal devotions, family altar, prayer times, Bible studies, church attendance, tithes and offerings, and mission support all fall under the responsibility of the man as head of the house. Our men should initiate as well as see each spiritual exercise through for their families.

    I am praying that many strong Christian men from our number will rise up and bless our church with their great example.