Sunday, July 2, 2017

    Today we celebrate the birth of our wonderful country. America is the best of all nations. People from all around the world risk their very lives to come to America.

    In america each citizens is free to talk, to think, to travel. If we don't like our work, we can find another job. We can go to school. If we don't like our elected officials, we can vote them out, or run for office ourselves. We can turn the channel or turn it off; read our Bibles, answer the phone or disconnect it. We can visit the supermarket or dine out; be married or stay single; go to church, make speeches, or keep silent. The hand of government rests more lightly on American citizens than in any other country.

    Although we are blessed as citizens of this great country, freedom requires a constant vigil. The world is crumbling all around us and Bible-believers are the only ones with a set of building plans.

    We live in a strange world--the kids know more about drugs, rock music, liquor and sex than adults. We tax productivity to support unproductivity. Is this the age of reason--NO! It is the march of folly.

    Criminals have rights while victims are suspect. The public schools cannot give a tract or read the Bible or pray. If we do not take the initiative to talk about morals, an amoral society becomes an immoral society.

    As believers, we must pray for our nation, participate in the governmental process, and stand for the Biblical principles that made this country great. God's people have an obligation to be salt and light in this world. Let us be grateful for our nation and live for Christ in these days of opportunity.