Sunday, July 23, 2017

    For those of us who regularly attend and work in this ministry, we all know that every day at Fairview carries a marked emphasis on the salvation and Christian development of children. The Fairview Christian Academy, Camp Fairview, bus ministry, children's church, King's Kids, Sunday School, and other program make the Fairview church a great place for children.

    There are very good reasons why our church should invest time, energy, and resources in our children. We understand that our children belong to God and are our most precious stewardship. We have but one opportunity to train and instill Christian values in their lives.

    We understand that to reach a child is to save not only a soul but also a complete life. Only God fully knows the potential of a child's life. Parents who "train up " a child can watch that life unfold in God's will. The dedication of our children to Christ at birth is essential.

    Another reason to encourage ministries to children is to develop a legacy. Children won to Christ in Christian homes will grow up to establish Christian homes and win their Families. It is possible for parents with two children to impact over a dozen souls just by winning and training their own children. We often say that Noah only won his family, but I remind you that the worlds of people today sprang from Noah and his three sons.

    The scriptures teach that the children came to Jesus and He held them. "Jesus Loves the Little Children" is a familiar chorus but it is also a great truth. I pray we can reach many boys and girls for Christ here at Fairview.