Sunday, August 13, 2017

    I was saved January 2, 1966 under the ministry of Orman Norwood who is now in heaven. I surrendered my life to full-time Christian service the next year and was ordained as a pastor Sunday, June 9, 1968. I celebrate 49 years in the ministry this year all of which has been in the pastorate. Over three-fourths of that time, I have had a Christina school as vital part of the pastoral ministry.

    Although I am quite sure the failures over these years have succeeded the successes, I have learned a few principled truths that are vital to the work of Christian education. First and foremost, I believe the Christian school to be a mandate of the Great Commission. We are instructed to teach new converts all truths commanded by Christ. Once salvation is received and the new believer is baptized and established in the local church, a lifetime task of Biblical instruction begins. It is a rich blessing to begin the Biblical training of children in those early formative years. Salvation and spiritual understanding come easy to those who have been given Biblical precepts and principles as children.

    I have learned that success is measured in obedience not outcome. When we obey and trust the results to our Heavenly Father, He always gives us the best. The importance of God's Words the filter of all life's circumstances is best learned as a child.

    Disipleship is a mentoring process. Instilling in the heart of our youth an appreciation of proper role models whose lives stand strong for the principles of God's Word will ancho them for a lifetime. Our Heritage Month theme, "Life is for Service" speaks volumes. It is up to us to train our young people in the art of being a servant. I urge our students to forget being a leader and work on being a servant. The people we serve will make us leaders.

    We welcome our 2017-2018-studnet body of Fairview Christian Academy and pray that we may teach them the benefits of life with a Biblical world-view.