Sunday, August 20, 2017

    "Life is not made up of dreams but decisions," is a classic and often used statement. We know that success in any field is the accumulation of thousands of right decisions. We must not become overly simplistic in this approach, particularly in the spiritual realm. Man's accomplishments, regardless of the genius of decision-making, are still subject to the sovereign will of God. When I look back over my life, I can recall making decisions that I am sure were guided by a loving Heavenly Father and not by my wisdom.

    Dreams are not a bad thing as long as we realize that Biblical vision is a dream that has Biblical direction. The key is to desire the will of God in every matter. Every believer must see through the eyes of faith.

    Life is a three-legged stool; skill or abilities, attitude or motivation, and character. We can make good decisions out of proper motivation but it is character that keeps the train on the track. Someone said it best: be and then do, then have. Our quality of life should always be held as a higher priority than our standard of living. The world has the matter completely turned around. I recentrly read that most people view success in eight factors: happiness, resources, prosperity, security, friends, family, peace of mind, and help for the future. When I read the list, it dawned on me that all are available without God to the person who defines success as outcome instread of obedience. Our Biblical dreams made from decisions that are driven by Biblical principles will produce fullfillment. The by-product of that life will include the above list plus much, much more.

    The Bible-based perspective gained by our young people from a Christian school education gives eternal wisdom in decision-making. The center core of life probably revolves around less than a dozen major decisions. It is precious to know that we are equipping our children with Biblical principles that provide direction when decisions have to be made. Remember, success is obedience, not outcome.