Sunday August 27, 2017

    We live in a strange world. To the secularist it is blasphemy to say "I am right and you are wrong," and heaven forbid that anyone should say that God has given the truth that we speak.

    The liberal media, socialistic politicians, and humanistic professors tell us that everyone has a right to his own slant on the truth. However, we, as Bible-believers are not to be vocal or allow our unshakable faith to dictate our behavior. Even though we actually believe the things we say, and have the confidence to make statements regarding right and wrong, good and evil, we are being told that this attitude is not to be imposed on a relative, secular society. We all know that the one thing our tolerant society will not tolerate is the assertion that there is any authoritative, Biblical way to make judgments. The problem for them isn't with out sincerity but with our conviction that we are doing God's will. Those of us who are true believers have no choice but to lead a life that sprouts from our core understanding of truth. Maybe that is what throws our critics. We have seen plenty of people who talk about God, use His name, and wax eloquently about the heavenly deities. But those who actually walk with God and give Him control in their everyday lives are very rare. If there is not lifestyle to back up an expressed belief, one wonders if it is truly a belief.

    Paul spoke of those who had a form of godliness but denied the power of it. Godliness is not a word, a thought, or an explanation of belief but a revealed standard format for integrating scriptural truth into worldly activities. the opposite of godliness is worldliness. When we adopt the world's standards, our conformity take the pressure off and makes us accepted in circles where Bible principals take a backseat to religious entertainment. In the religious world compromise has become the order of the day. 

    As your pastor, I must tell you that things are only going to get worse before our Lord's return. We are to hold to the truth, express it daily in our lives and order our very existence from it. This was the cause of persecution in first century Christianity and it very well could be again in the hours before the end of the age.