Sunday, August 6, 2017

    It is God's plan for the present generation to provide mentors for the youth to come. Joshua had his Moses and Timothy his Paul. We have failed our young people when we do not provide heroes with spiritual substance for their lives.

    The entire month of August has been devoted to honoring those who provide us with  a great heritage. Pastors, missionaries, teachers, evangelists, and spiritual leaders will be presented to our church family.

    Today we welcome Dr. Mike Allison. Dr. Allison was called to preach in 1974. He has been the pastor at Madison Baptist Church in Madison, Alabama for 28 years.

    I encourage parents to begin today to honor the right leaders for your children. The following suggestions may help our Fairview families in this venture:

  • Invite spiritual leaders as regular guest in your home.
  • Honor God's servants in family conversations.
  • Keep a scrapbook of missionaries, special speakers, pastors, etc.
  • Post prayer cards around your home.
  • Visit Christian colleges, camps, and conferences.
  • Subscribe to Christian periodicals and magazines.
  • Collect signatures of Bible preachers and teachers.
  • Have a family library that includes biographies of great Christian leaders.
  • Pray with your children concerning their call to the ministry.

    Enjoy Heritage Month at Fairview and begin today to honor those who are making an impact on the coming generation.