Fairview Baptist Church offers Sunday School classes tailored to every stage and age of Adulthood. Adult classes meet every Sunday from 10:00 until 10:45 a.m. Please visit a class this Sunday.



Home Builders is a class for couples taught by Tom Gerdt. This class meets regularly in the north-east choir room.  Tom Gerdt is a gifted communicator who regularly expounds Biblical truth in a simple and direct format.



Fellowship is a class for anyone taught by Micky Reynolds. This class meets regularly in the second classroom on the north side of the auditorium.



LifeBuilders is a class for adults taught by Matt Herrell.  Each Sunday morning this class explores topics that contribute to personal and family growth as believers.  An outreach program encourages members to invite others to Sunday School and church.

college and career

College and Career is a class for young adults taught by Greg Ranck. Every Sunday, this class meets in the second classroom on the southwest side of the auditorium.


The Auditorium is a class for all adults taught by Pastor Scallions. This class is known as pastor's class since he has taught in the auditorium for his entire tenure as pastor.