Missionary of the week

Don and Ruthie Harris are serving as Gospel Association missionaries to Argentina.

“We are very thankful for the growth we have seen in the young people. We were able to start weekly youth meetings a few months ago, and they have been a great encouragement all around. The youth are growing in the Lord and desiring to learn more. During the meetings, Don has been going through I Peter, and the young people have had some interesting comments and questions. They have been helping with various things in the ministry. One young lady started helping with the children’s Bible club and has been very faithful. They all help in getting everything set up for our church services after the youth meeting.

“Currently there is a curriculum that the government is trying to enforce in the schoolrooms. The young people are aware of the grace consequences of these teachings, since several have had to deal with them at school. All of them along with smoother church people participated in a peaceful rally showing support for our side of the issue.

“Continue to pray for our friends Cristian and Monica. They have heard the Gospel many times and have had many questions as well, but to this point they reject Christ. Cristian’s birthday is just around the corner, and we have been invited to his birthday party. He is one of those guys that will bend over backwards to help people, but what he needs the most, at this point, is the Lord.

“Thank you for your prayers.”

Contact the Harris family at donruthieharris@yahoo.com


Fairview Baptist Church is a missions minded group of believers supporting the spread of the Gospel around the world. Our focus most recently has been on getting missionaries into the more difficult to reach areas of the 10 / 40 window in North Africa, Asia and the Middle East.


One of the highlights of our year is the mission’s conference held each October.  Missionary candidates are invited to share their vision and field of ministry with our church family.


With God’s help and the support of our people, Fairview’s missionary family grows year by year. Please pray for these families, their special needs and daily challenges. In prayer, you can become a partner overseas and participate in spreading the truth of the Gospel worldwide.




Aaron & Jillian Bashore - North Africa

Brent & Seliina Bergey - South Africa

Jason & Kate Christiansen - Egypt

Jeff & Alyssa Clifford - Namibia

Kevin & Corli Hall - South Africa

Brad & Tricia Henderson - Tanzania

Jim & Susie Horne - Kenya

Richard & Ruth Jertberg - Madagascar

Mshama & Martha Kinyonga - Tanzania

David & Julie McCrum - South Africa

Roger & Darlene McCrum - South Africa

Josh & Julie Mead - Senegal

Taylor & Lorin Norris - Mozambique

Luiz & Ana Nunes - Cape Verde

Stephen & Ashlee Underwood - South Africa

Jonathan & Holly Wheeler - North Africa

Tuakah & Ruth Whiangar - Liberia


David & Linda Alley - China

Andrew & Elena Au - Hong Kong

Steve & Bethany Carter - Japan

Dr. P.D. Cherian - India

Bill & Terry Craig - Japan

Ed & Bethlehem de los Reyes - China

Peter & Nenita Denisi - Philippines

Tom & Tiffany Depew - China

Eric & Rebekah Elrod - India

Jonathan & Rachael Facenda - South Korea

Mike & Francis Frederick - Thailand

Ben & Crystal Johnson - China

Brandyn & Alicia Knight - Japan

Samuel & Yohana Owens - Indonesia

Ty & Rebecca Pepperdine - China

Chris & Angel Phillips - Kazakhstan

Chad & Sandy Sellers - Nepal

Russ & Joy Stanford - Japan

Jake & Stephanie Taube - Taiwan

Paul & Amber Taube - Nepal

Troy & Traci Williams - Turkey

Anthony & Jemima Yamat - Philippines

Michael & Freda Yoo - South Korea


Clark & Alyssa Berryman - Eurasia

Brandon & Kristen Cook - Italy

Jeremiah & Lindsey Cooley - Liechtenstein

John & Katie Grasty - Slovenia

Tony & Dawn Hess - Russia/Ukraine

Daniel & Christina Norton - Slovenia

Samuel & Carla Owens - Republic of Georgia

Tim & Cynthia Peterson - Germany

Fransisco & Rebekah Puente - Spain

Micah & Kathryn Rastelli - Bosnia

Travis & Teri Snode - London

Michael & Marsha Talley - Germany

Daniel & Daniela Toc - Romania

Chris & Sherry Waye - London

Jamie & Kimberly Wiedmann - London

North/Central America & Oceania

Gary & Tami Byrd - Dominican Republic

Coco Chan - Grenada

CLA - America

Joel Désir - Haiti

Bob & Marie Ford - Bearing Precious Seed

Adam & Bethany Gibbs - Australia

Bob Harris - Idaho

Paul & Micki Henry - Texas Prisons

Kedesh & Stacy Jerome - French West Indies

Charles & Mary Keen - America

NOW Ministries - Cuban Pastors

Patrick & Emily O’Brien - Newfoundland

Jason & Cherith Ottosen - Papua New Guinea

Dan & Jennifer Post - Canada

Randy & Pam Reagan - America

Terry & Rachel Ritschard - Papua New Guinea

Shenandoah Boys’ Ranch - Calhoun, TN

Shenandoah Haven for Girls - Cleveland, TN

Wes & Maria Smith - Dominican Republic

Jason & Cassy Tate - Honduras

Ben & Becky Turner - Canada

Paul & Amy Valles - Caicos Islands

Tim & Susan Vermaas - America

South America

Kason & Bethany Bloom - Ecuador

Terry & Wendy Broyles - Brazil

Don & Ruthie Harris - Argentina

Michael & Martha Hart - Colombia

Markos & Stephanie Lindsey - Peru

Jonathan & Erin Mathews - Brazil

Daniel & Jennifer Mee - Colombia

Don & Mary Merchant - Brazil

Mike & Tammy Ring - Brazil

Nathan & Sarah Ring - Brazil

Miguel & Mariangela Sanabria - Colombia

Jim & Rhonda Shaw - Brazil

Daniel & Anna Sparks - Chile

Kevin & Beth White - Bolivia