Our nursing home ministry includes Brookdale of Athens.  Residents are treated to special singing, individual counseling, and a Bible message.  Under the direction of Tom Gerdt, volunteers comprised of teens and adults provide this spiritual blessing to those who cannot attend a regular scheduled service.

Contact the church office if you have loved ones or friends who would benefit from this ministry.


Each Sunday morning, buses roll off the church parking lot to pick up precious children and adults for Sunday School and church services. Our Bus Director, Ken Reed, and his army of workers crisscross the streets and county roads of Athens and the surrounding area to help others find a way to the church and to the Savior. Over the years, literally hundreds have been saved as a result of this unselfish ministry.


Our church has been involved in a radio ministry for more than four decades. Pastor Scallions expanded this work in 1974 to a daily program. Since September 1986, "A Few Minutes from Fairview," a 5-minute devotional, has been heard three times each day Monday through Saturday (6:55 a.m., 11:55 a.m., and 4:55 p.m. on WYXI AM 1390, FM 94.5, or www.wyxi.net ). The Sunday morning worship hour is heard on the same station from 11:00 a.m. until 11:55 a.m. Because WYXI is a 2,500-watt station with a potential listening audience of approximately 100,000 people, our radio ministry is presented to the people of Athens and the surrounding area as a courtesy of the Fairview Baptist Church.


Recently, our youth have begun a door knocking outreach that meets twice every month. On the Wednesdays that they meet, they leave from their schools, go to the church to meet and pick up tracts. They then leave for the surrounding areas and knock on doors, inviting people to church, and giving the gospel if given the opportunity.


C.R.E.W. is an outreach program that does many different types of outreaches. Anywhere from serving meals at local shelters, to remodeling houses, if you want to have a part in outreach, but are not sure exactly how you can help, then C.R.E.W. is perfect for you. Many different people, from many different backgrounds, with many different skills can all come together and work as one.


Every Friday morning at 10:00 AM, the ladies of our church go out and visit the people of our community to provide encouragement and fellowship, along with the message of salvation if the opportunity arises.